Panel Management Commitment Form - Eligibility & Commitment to Panel Management

The purpose of this form is to confirm your eligibility and commitment to Panel Management. You must complete and submit this form to register for Panel Management compensation. Before completing this form, please review the important information about Panel Management. If you have any questions or problems regarding the completion of this form or the compensation for Panel Management, please email

The GPSC collects and uses information to support: education; mentoring and quality improvement training; practice supports; ongoing learning and capacity building; development of new programs, services and resources; and evaluation and reporting purposes. Information received is owned and stored at Doctors of BC with access limited to authorized Doctors of BC staff. Under BC privacy legislation, GPSC members, Ministry of Health staff/official and Health Authority staff do not have access to individual or identifiable data except with the explicit consent of the participating physician. Without such consent, they only have access to aggregate evaluation and quality improvement reports prepared by authorized Doctors of BC staff. The GPSC is subject to and complies with the BC Personal Information Protection Act. For more information, contact

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